Joint transcriptomic and epigenomic profiling of single cells

snmCT-seq profiles transcriptome, DNA methylome and chromatin accessibility of single nuclei using molecular partitioning. snmCT-seq requires no physical separation of DNA and RNA molecules and works robustly for frozen primary tissues.

Preprint: Single nucleus multi-omics links human cortical cell regulatory genome diversity to disease risk variants. (2019) bioRxiv

Data: GSE140493

Annoj browser for human H1 and HEK293 cells

Annoj browser for human frontal cortex snmC2T-seq dataset


Reconstruction of cell-type specific chromatin conformation maps

sn-m3C-seq is a single-nuclei multi-omic assay that jointly captures chromatin organization and DNA methylation information, revealing pervasive interactions between epigenetic processes regulating gene expression.

Paper: Simultaneous profiling of 3D genome structure and DNA methylation in single human cells. (2019) Nature Methods.

Data: GSE124391 GSE130711


Highly efficient single-cell DNA methylome strategy

snmC-seq2 provides efficient read mapping, reduced artifactual reads, uniform genomic coverage and has been successfully applied for large-scale data generation as part of BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN).

Papers: Robust single-cell DNA methylome profiling with snmC-seq2. (2018) Nature Communications

Single-cell methylomes identify neuronal subtypes and regulatory elements in mammalian cortex. (2017) Science

Data: GSE112471 GSE97179

Annoj browser for mouse brain snmC-seq2 data

Mouse and human brain snmC-seq data